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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


smEKOM i mean asSalaamualiakum.. :)
Life, life is sO unexpected, u don't know what's happening in the future is the best for ya..

think positives okay?

yO guys! keifkum? u know what, in ur life we MuST always think positivES, i didn't know why i keep saying that sentence MANY times, cauze it was TRUUEE ..

i WANNA tell u guys whAT'S happening to me, BUT, I CAN'T.. DUNNO why, yup!! write it in a BOOK! haha, i'm a little bit crazy right NOW COZ i'm LONELY...

Exmple of UNEXPECTED... this lonely fish keep thinking is there a makhrooja(jln keluar) for him to get through the small HOLE ya'ni the pipe.. it's impossible right?? if only the fish could took diet n become smaller the same as the hole. without he realizes that someOne may pick him out n put him into the BETTER LIFE; RIVER.

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